By Laws

Changes to the LEA By-Laws

The following changes to the current LEA By-Laws were voted on during the meeting on November 18, 2015.

Political Action Committee

  • Eliminate current political action committee and replace with MTA position

  • Replace with MTA Political Action Leader (PAL)

  • MTA pays $350 stipend, appointed by local president

  • Allows us to reallocate $500 in LEA budget to president’s stipend

Professional Growth Committee

  • Eliminate the committee and replace with a representative

  • Appoint one representative to attend PGC meetings at district level

  • Provide $100 stipend to rep who can be a building rep as well

Building Representatives

  • Reallocate PGC funds of $600 to building reps

  • New stipend would be $125 (an increase of $25 per rep)

Public Relations Committee

  • Eliminate committee, and replace with web manager position

  • Duties to include - updating website as requested / needed with calendar dates, notices

  • Maintaining email list, sending email notices

  • Web manager will be a member of the Board of Directors

Membership Committee

  • Remove membership committee and transfer current membership committee duties to treasurer’s position

  • Stipend is already paid to treasurer as there has not been a membership committee in place

  • Add the ability to have co-treasurers

Update Addendum A, Salaries

President $4,500

Vice-President $1,500

Treasurer $3,000

Secretary $1,250

Web Manager $500

Unit Representatives $125

LEA Bylaws.pdf